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This page is dedicated to those magnificent FPS-approved Friesian breeding stallions. Here we have some photos, videos, and breeder's information. Interested in Pronunciation of the Names? Here you go!

Breeding and Performance Data

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Stallions closely related to our horses

Wander 352 - Sire of Coriander and Tara
It took Wander 352 (Barteld x Djurre, stam 46) fourteen years to overcome the stigma of being "born in the USA" and finally achieve the international respect and status he so richly deserves. Coming from the little used Ritske line of Friesians, Wander offspring are now highly sought after to broaden the gene pool. His fine lines and "modern" look pass on to his offspring. His son Doaitsen 420, residing in the Netherlands, is one of the most popular stallions breeding. As of the end of 2006, Wander had sired one approved son and 36 star mares for a lifetime percentage of 41.4% star. Each year people breed better and better mares to Wander, so this number will likely continue to rise. This clip is from his US keuring in 2003. Produced by Marc Dileo. Wander is owned by Nina Miller of Checkerboard Farms in California. Nina is excellent to work with and highly recommended. [top]
Thomas 327 - Sire of Dahlia
Thomas 327 (Ygram 240 x Oege 267, stam 50) died in 2006 from a trailering accident. He was a popular and sweet stallion in the Netherlands. His forte was in harness where he was know for strong impulsion and a big, bold trot. Thomas produced fine, reliable harness horses with a lovely temperament, and very good breeding mares. We have admired Thomas for a long time and will miss him. [top]
Mintse 384 (approved on offspring) - Sire of Ock
Approved on offspring in 2005/6, Mintse 384 (Leffert 306 x Lammert 260, stam 25) burst onto the scene by being in the top 5 of the world championships in each of the past 3 years (2005-2007). He was reserve champion in 2006 and world champion in 2005. Mintse is easy to spot with a large, powerful build, looong mane and fetlocks, and by his incredible stride. That boy can MOVE. As of the end of 2006 his lifetime ster mare percentage was nearly 42% and his offspring seem to inherit his unmistakeable, powerful movement. This clip (click the picture to the left) is of Mintse in 2005 when he won the world championship. Jan 2007: Minste has been bought by the DeBoer family and is standing at stud at The Friesian Connection in Michgan. We have a filly by Minste who also has the long stride. Click "Ock" above to see the video. [top]
Wierd 409 - Sire of Oeke
Wierd (Folkert x Reitse) is a son of the famous Folkert 353 and has inherited his father's modern looks, long lines, and pretty front end. He scored very high in his stallion test, especially in the trot and showmanship. He is a young stallion, so we do not know much yet about his offspring results. We do have a nice filly by him - Oeke (click her name above to see video). Oeke is very pretty and very black. She moves well and is still maturing. [top]
Tsjerk 328 - Damsire of Dahlia and Oeke
Tsjerk 328 (Feitse 293 x Nanne, stam 38) is a living legend. At the end of 2006 he already had sired four approved sons (Maiko 373, Andries 415, Hinne 427 and Loadewyk 431). Also as of that year he had sired 255 star mares, resulting in a phenominal 53.6% lifetime star rating. In this clip from the 2007 stallion show he is 17 years old and still going strong. [top]

General Favorites of our Family

Doaitsen 420 (also, half-brother to Coriander and Tara)
Since being approved in 2004, Doaitsen 420 has risen to the very top ranks as a breeding stallion. He is in huge demand due to the rare bloodlines from his father, and due to his astonishing number of top quality offspring. His 1st and 2nd premie foal percentage is nearly 80% - an unheard of number. And one of his first yearling daughters was named a champion yearling at the 2006 mare show. This video is from the 2007 stallion show where Doaitsen was 2nd in his class. [top]
Brandus 345
When you see Brandus 345 (Reitse x Oege, stam 50) you can easily see why he scored an amazing 9/10 in the trot. And why he has sired 4 approved sons (Rindert 406, Brend 413, Tsjitse 387, Tsjabring 429), and has nearly 40% lifetime star percentage on offspring. It is what you cannot see, however, that makes the Friesian world love him so. Scoring 9/10 on character, 10/10 on stall manners, and 9/10 on trainability, Brandus is known for his honesty and pure, unfailing desire to do his best and work hard. He passes this on and thus his offspring are often good dressage horses (they never give up) and wonderful companions. Note that his son Tsjabring 429 (approved in 2006) is an older stallion, and was approved based on performance - he is Grand Prix dressage. If you want "show", there are many great stallions to breed to. If you want the famous "Friesian heart", look to Brandus. [top]
Jasper 366
Another famous and very popular stallion is Jasper. Known for his impressive trot, Jasper has already sired four approved sons (Jisse 433, Haitse 427, Dries 421 and Beart 411) and he was only born in 1995! Jasper and son Beart have been named world champions in the past, and young Haitse shows similar promise. Jasper also has a proven record with producing female offspring - he has an amazing 50% lifetime ster rating on mares (as of end of 2006). And if all this is not enough, Jasper also is a high level dressage horse. Yes, he has it all. [top]

Clips from the stallion show

2007 Stallion Show - FINALS
January 13, 2007 in Leeuwarden Friesland. Watch as Onne 376 takes the championship and Harmen 424 takes reserve. The five finalists were Jerke 434, Harmen 424, Beart 411 (2006 winner), Mintse 384 (2005 winner) and Onne 376. [top]
Jasper 366 Dressage Performance
This is from the 2007 stallion show in Leeuwarden, Friesland. Jasper 366 and his rider Peter Spahn perform a musical freestyle in dressage. As of this video Jasper is at the Prix St. George level in dressage. [top]
4-in-hand Driving Demonstration
This is from the 2007 stallion show in Leeuwarden, Friesland. This fellow is an amazing carriage driver, sending his 4 in hand through cones and gates, all at high speed. Takes two people shifting their weight in the back just to keep the marathon carriage upright! [top]
Ielke 382 in Dressage Demonstration
Ielke 382 (Nykle 309 x Tsjalling, stam 28) was approved on offspring in 2006. He and his rider Ester Liano are showing Ielke at (I think) the Grand Prix level in this demonstration. This is from the 2007 stallion show in Leeuwarden, Friesland. Unfortunately I did not get the very start or end of this performance. I had not intended to tape it, but when I saw how wonderful and lovely this pair was, I was smitten and grabbed my camera. I was told by people who know Ielke that this was one of his finer performances and, indeed, his rider was positively thrilled after the performance, and praised him for quite some time. [top]

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