Pictures of Jantsje

Jantsje ("YANT-schuh") was born May 2003 and was immediately - well, after being weaned in September of course - destined for Tennessee and to her new family. She was a sweet and adorable babe from Day 1 and we will always miss her at Tanbark Acres. Jantsje is from Hiltje x Wander and is therefore a full sister to our first Tanbark Acres baby, Coriander.

See what Jantsje's new owner has to say.

Jantsje and her new owner, June 2003

At 2 weeks, then 5 weeks
bucking and bucking some more she's like a puppy mugging for the camera
leaving Va Tech look at that harness! Jantsje & Hiltje A stretch and  scratch
Peek - a - Boo! Jantsje & Hiltje Jantsje & Hiltje  
With her new family
Jantsje keeps on growing! a gorgeous baby Now there is a pair! more

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