Ulysses was judged a 1st premie and "best of show" at his first keuring and in September 2002 he was judged as a 3rd premie as a 4 year old. His papers are exceptional. But most importantly, he is the most eager-to-please, easy-to-train and cooperative horse in our herd. As a weanling we began to provide him with loads of human contact and "baby training". He is very well-behaved. Why, he will come with a whistle, do his gaits on voice command, and even lower his head for the halter (just ask him to!). He is so gentle that even as a two year old we trusted him with the kids. See what Ulysses's owner has to say.
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Another happy customer
Another happy owner
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Below are the going away pictures. Most, but not all, can be enlarged by clicking on it.

Ulysses in transit Hmm, what a cold day outside! Dee and Carlton say Good-bye Now that is a smile!
Watching our step in this snow These stalls are huge! Remembering driving days at Tanbark Acres We'll miss you Ulysses!

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