Tjipke was sold April, 2001. His new owner is located within a few hours of Tanbark Acres, and rides and shows "Tipper". You cannot find a finer looking animal, and extremely well-behaved to boot. To see what Tjipke's owner has to say, click here.

Tjipke is a majestic star gelding who is excellent when ridden or driven. He has also been taught basic dressage and performs simple dressage well with an experienced rider. He was kept a stallion for a while before he was gelded, so he is very "masculine" looking - strong neck, good musculature and a dominant personality. Still, he is very willing and obedient when ridden, and was a great protector and "uncle" to the new babies on the farm. We believe Tjipke is a fine example of an all-around mature, finished gelding [back to sold]

Tjipke and his new owner
Tjipke in the show ring with his new owner, September 2001

Tjipke's happy owner

A beautiful animal

Tjipke was King at Tanbark Acres

Tjipke helps us celebrate Christmas - 1999

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