In late 2001 a prospective customer asked us to look for a horse for her when we went to Holland in January 2002. After viewing dozens of geldings, we found Teade and we were immediately enchanted by his beauty and presence. We bought him on the spot and decided to keep him if he did not suit the prospective buyer. Not to worry, our propective customer fell in love with him as we did and they are now happily together in Eastern Virginia. To see what Teade's owner has to say, click here.

Teade was born in September 1997 and was rated a 2nd premie as a foal. He's a gorgeous animal and seemed to bond quickly with human companions. Congratulations to Teade and his new owner! [back to sold]

Teade and his new owner
Teade with his new owner, February 2002

Teade's new family

Great movement!

Teade is excited about being in the USA

Teade goes for a ride on a winter's day

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