Coriander ("Cori") was sold as a weanling to our daughter Jeannine, and currently resides on our farm. On September 29, 2003 as a young 3 year old, Cori received the rating of 1st premie star - the highest rating possible for her age.

Like her mom, Hiltje, Cori has a jet black coat and a long, full mane and tail. She has the finer lines of her father Wander 352, and an elegant "floating" movement. Cori's major plus is her sweet, willing temperament, love of people, and strong work ethic. She has been easy to train (ride and drive) and works very hard when under saddle or in harness. She especially loves to drive and will likely spend many hours happily pulling a carriage as our "Friesian Ambassador". We will post newer pictures soon.
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Cori and new owner
Cori with Jeannine, April 2001

Cori at 3 months

Cori at 10 months

Learning to drive, May 2001

More beautiful every day! September 2002

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