We added Hiltje to our herd in the fall of 1999. At the time we were looking to acquire a broodmare with impeccable papers and a good disposition. We got all that and more! As a bonus, Hiltje is wonderful in harness; great in single harness or with another horse by her side. She is also a good mother, providing her foals with independence as well as instruction. We're equally pleased with her strong yet friendly personality. She does all that is asked of her, and enjoys her human companions, but manages to maintain that "I am queen of the herd" air about her.

Hiltje, August 2001

Hiltje is medium height and has a very sturdy build. Her coat is quite black and she has an ample mane that falls well below her neck. Her strong front end and high head carriage make her very eye-catching when in harness. As the Dutch judge said at her last keuring, "this is a beautiful mare". Contact us if you would like to write us to receive more information on Hiltje or any of our other horses. [back to mares]

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2008 Colt by Wander 352 **
2006 Colt by Sibald 380 3rd premie foal
2004 Filly by Sibald 380 1st premie foal, champion filly
2003 Filly by Wander 352 3rd premie foal
2000 Filly by Wander 352 star, 1st premie mare

Regarding Papers

We are very excited about Hiltje's bloodlines. Her female ancestors are from stam line 25 - one of the most successful motherlines in Friesian history, having sired over a dozen approved stallions. Hiltje herself has star, model and/or preferent on both dam and sire side for five generations!

Coriander was Hiltje's first offspring and is rated a 1st premie star. Hiltje's papers have not been recently updated. Her mother Lysbeht is now Preferent, making Hiltje's line SP-S-S-SP.

Queen of the herd!
Hiltje is driver's right, rear

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